26 GA Concealed Fastener

26 Gauge Concealed Fastener Panels snap together concealing the pancake screws used to secure the panels. This type of panel reduces potential weather infiltration. It also allows for contraction and expansion due to temperature changes. This metal roofing panel is ideal for home owners who want a clean smooth look. View metal roofing manufacturers panels below.


Gauge: 26g, 24g

Panel Coverage: 12″ or 16″

Rib Height: 1″

Warranty: 40yr

Finishes: Galvalume Painted with or without straiations

Concealed Fastener

Image II™

Standard Gauge(s): 26 ga.

Panel Coverage: 12″, 16″

Rib Height: 1″

Substrate(s): Solid Substrate

Fastener(s): Standing Seam RoofConcealed Fastened

Minimum Slope: 3:12

Concealed Fastener